The Colombian Syrphidae fauna is represented by 337 species and 57 genera. The records cover all the biogeographical regions of Colombia, in 29 out of 32 departments, with altitudinal records from 0 to 3,800 m.a.s.l.

Antioquia is the department with the highest number of records, followed by Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca. The highest number of syrphid species in Colombia correspond to the genera Copestylum Macquart (63 spp.), Ocyptamus Macquart (39 spp.), Palpada Macquart (30 spp.), Toxomerus Macquart (29 spp.), and Allograpta Osten Sacken (25 spp.), which are the most speciose and widely distributed genera in the Neotropical region. 

Ornidia obesa (Fabricius), Copestylum vagum (Wiedemann), Palpada furcata (Wiedemann), Palpada vinetorum (Fabricius), Salpingogaster nigra Schiner, Allograpta neotropica Curran, Dioprosopa clavatus (Fabricius), and Toxomerus politus Say have the widest distribution within the country and were also the most abundant in number of specimens in the visited collections.

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